Kamis, 13 April 2017

Interview with Mr. Bondhan

Assalamualaikum wr.wb
For this time, I'll write up the results of my interview with a football player, her name is  Mr. Bondhan Dwi P.


Mr. Bondhan Dwi P

Name                           : Bondhan Dwi P.
Date of birth               : Sekadau, November 04, 1996
High / Weight             : 166 cm / 57 kg

1.      Interviewer            : Mr. Bondhan, since when did you start practicing football ?
Resource person    : First time playing football at the age of 5 years.
2.      Interviewer            : Mr. Bondhan, since when started practicing football seriously ?
Resource person    : First wrestle with serious football when Middle School grade three, since then I have started following several matches. At that point her for the first time following the tournament on a general level, since that time my workout schedule more frequent.
3.      Interviewer            : What a very memorable experience for you during play football ?
Resource person    : At the time I already high school there was an event that LPI (league Indonesian students) I think it was a good opportunity for me to take science more than football and get the incredible experience of this event, and after a few times in training outstanding I could finally fit into a team of my school. The first time you play I feel tense with fantastic supporters of each school, after a 90-minute walk of the game was finished and we can win and bring home three full points, after a match has been passed finally reached during a very stressful ie the final round, even if we have lost but we remain grateful because we know could play until the final round was not easy and needs to be equally exceptional work of the team.
4.      Interviewer            : What made you interested in playing football ?
Resource person    : I am interested in playing football because football does require a genius and should have a pretty good skills. So, I feel challenged and feel happy to wrestle football.
5.      Interviewer            : How long you need to master the technique of playing football properly, such as controlling the ball, feed, and moves to the position ?
Resource person    : About 1-2 months I should be able to master the technique of playing football, the main thing in football is to play bait, control, and cohesiveness of the team. Certainly different if a player is definitely one to two times the exercise alone can master the technique of playing football.

It is the result of interviews with Mr.Bondhan, I was thanked by the young because it has helped me with a very easy task. Young hope could become a professional soccer player and could reach the highest points and most importantly, can be a great soccer player.
So the results of my interview.

Wassalamualaikum wr.wb

at Amcor Untan On April 11, 2017

Assalamulaikum wr.wb
On April 11, 2017
Then me and my friend came to Amcor at 9 am, after getting many of my friends to come and flood the room, while waiting for our faculty, we had pictures taken around the room. After lecturer came, we all start classes.
Time lecturer gave us 20 minutes to fill in the answers units 1 and 2 in the sheet photocopies, then we are all looking for the answer together. After 20 minutes and then, lecturers calling our names one by one and ask questions that we answer was.
I get about the number 1 on the unit one, I answered "check" and I was told to spell the word. After all my friend's name in the call. Lecturer advised that we study units 1 and 2 to be made as an exam for the next week. After the lesson is completed, we were all out of the room
Maybe that's all I can tell
About her I apologize

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Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

I can't image life without music

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For this time, I will tell you about “I can’t image life without music”.
I can’t image life without music, music is my life. Without music, the days I passed was quiet, dark, and very gray. Music will be my friend when I am sad, happy, or even when I want to sleep.
The music is very inspiring incredible for me, when learning was that I could listen to music. Serenity I get from the music could make me concentrate when studying.
I hear music would make fun of my days, when we can calm the baby listen to music. I've tried not to listen to music for one week, and it was making me bored. It is true, music is my life. I could never imagine life without music.
When I was tired, I went to listen to music with a slow rhythm. Can make the brain and mind refreshed. My life is never separated from the music. While dancing, the music is joyous and lively it can also make me happy. Play music while moving the body to the music.
I love music and I’m glad to listen a music.
So, I think that’s all I can say for you. Thanks for you attention.
See you again ;)

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Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

At British Culture And Learning Centre

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Alright, I wiil to tell you about my activity.
On March 21, 2017
I and my friend go to the American Corner, and we all waiting in there. But, American Corner used by elementary school. So, we are move to BCLC and we were learning at there.
I had read a book entitled “Hello Mr.Snowman”.
This book tells about siblings who is cool to play in the house, they saw outside was down snow.
They are keen to go play out. They also asked permit with his mother to be able to play the snow outside. Mother gave a permit with the condition of they should wearing the jacket and boots. They went with chirpy go play out.
From a story that had I read, I get the together in the family and fellow brothers. They were playing chirpy and the always peaceful.
They also obey a command of the old man. They love each other.
Okay, I think that’s all I can tell for you about my activity. Thank for your attention.

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Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

About skills

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Hello I’m Iid, To this time I will tell you about interest or talent that I had.
First, I very like writing a story, story about my life, love, religious, parents, friendship and etc. And, I’m glad to make a drama, novel, and short story.
 The drama that I made tells about a doctor maintain a girl not in love by his mother for the girl did not have a job or profession. And finally doctor is trying to keep her mother agree with her choice. The title of the drama is “HARMONI”.
The novel that I made tells about a man who didn’t know how to express a sense of love with the girl he likes, and he just can make the girl was annoyed every day. The title of the novel is “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU”.
The short story that I made tells about a soldier fell in love with a girl, but he couldn’t express that feeling because of the distance. Between Aceh and West Borneo. The title of the short story is “PERGI DEMI TUGAS, PULANG DEMI CINTA”. And this special picture on the short story.

Second, I very like dancing. Dancing is my hobby. I can dancing every day if  I want. I could dance the dance traditional. I’ve come to the dance and get the prize second. And I’ll still come the dance until could get the first winner.
Okay, I think that’s all I can say. My talent is writing a story and dancing.
See you again.

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Selasa, 07 Maret 2017

Careers : Economist

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Good night everyone, I want to publish my answer.
This is the task of the two courses English economy.
v  Vocabulary
Resources : Sumber penghasilan
Gains : Laba
Such : Seperti itu
Particular : Keterangan-keterangan
Labor : Tenaga kerja
Entrepreneurs : Usahawan
Factories : Pabrik-pabrik
Fringe : Golongan pinggir
Effort : Usaha
Prefers : Lebih suka
Concerned : Prihatin
Growth : Pertumbuhan
Satisfaction : Kepuasan
Independence : Kebebasan
Benefits : Manfaat
Measured : Telah diperhitungkan
Employed : Memperkerjakan
Teens : Umur belasan tahun
Half : Separuh
Decade : Dasawarsa / masa 10 tahun
Engage : Mengikutsertakan
Regarded : Dihormati
Provide : Mengadakan
Rather : Cukup
Often : sering
Low-wage : Gaji rendah
Wears : Memakai
Opt : Memilih
Forecast : Ramalan
Wits : Kecerdasan
Tax : Pajak
Ladder : Jenjang
Revenues : Pendapatan
Tycoons : Orang kaya

v  Vocabulary Focus
1.      Exercise 1
Study the meaning of the words, then use them to fill in the gaps : monitor, check, and control.
(We check something to see if it is correct)
(The word control refers to power and domination. It is both a noun and a verb)
(If you monitor something you regulary check its progress)

1)   I’ve (check) the documentation and everything is in order.
2)   Inflation has not gone away but it is under (control).
3)   We constantly (monitor) the situation and if anything goes wrong we take action immediately.
4)   We apologize for the delay which is due to reasons beyond our (control).
5)   Economists (control) prices, compute total output and perform other useful tasks.

2.      Exercise 2
Choose the words with similar meaning from two columns and arrange them in pairs.

1)   Cost (n)                                   =>                    b) expences, outlay
Paragraph 1, Line 6
2)   Monitor (v)                              =>                    c) control, manage
Paragraph 3, Line 2
3)   Flair (n)                                   =>                    d) skill, talent, inclination
Paragraph 4, Line 5
4)   Entrepreneur (n)                      =>                    e) employer
Paragraph 4, Line 3
5)   Forecast (n)                             =>                    h) prediction
Paragraph 3, Line 1
6)   Provide (v)                              =>                    a) supply, equip, outfit
Paragraph 2, Line 4
7)   Job-setting (n)                         =>                    g) place of work
Paragraph 2, Line 1
8)   Liable (a)                                 =>                    f) responsible
Paragraph 5, Line 4

3.      Exercise 3
Complete the sentence using the words given bellow
Words for refenrence : self-employed, forecasts, benefits or fringe benefits, qualify, flair, entrepereneurial, costs, provide, liable; tycoon, distributions, consumption.
1.   (liable) means having the qualities that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.
2.   An (self-employed) is a person who sets up business and business deals.
3.   A (tycoon) is a person who is successful in a business and so has become rich and powerful.
4.   The industry will have to pass its increased (distribution) on to the consumer.
5.   The management will (comsumption) accommodation, food and drink for thirty people.
6.   He has always been (benefits or fringe benefits) for his children.
7.   The (costs) of the job include a car and free health insurance.
8.   He won’t (qualify) as an economist until next year.
9.   An individual hoping to start up a new company needs to have entrepreneurial (provide) or talent.
10.  Unfortunately (forecast) of higher profits did not come true.
11.  Economist are concerned with the production, (comsumption) and (distribution).
I think only this my skill for answered about this.. So thank you.

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Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017

Task 1

Assalamualaikum wr.wb
This is the task of English at the second…
1.      Why have you chosen the profession of an economist?
·         It is my choice, I really like a lesson economic. Economic always associated with life. And if we like something then we will be able to undergo her easily.
·         My parents also agreed with my choice.
·         Because when graduated from education economic we have two choices that became power educator of working in economic sector.
2.      We would like to work for a company, teach economic disciplines at university, and operate our own bussines because...
·         I want to work in a company because my father also work in the company, I work to be a manager.
·         I want to be a bussines woman, because I want to run my own bussines and want to have bussines quality and efforts made my self success to family and other people.
·         I choice to be a teach economic disciplines at FKIP University because I liked economic and I want to also shared knowledge I was told the students later.
3.      We think we have entrepreneurial flair. In our opinion, a successful businessman shoul have…
·         The courage to take in the risk.
·         Became a businessman must always work hard.
·         They goal oriented.
Okay, only this time I can say. Thanks for your attention.

Wassalamualaikum wr.wb